IRS Scandal Gets Worse

If you have not heard about the IRS scandal, you will probably hear about it soon. The IRS has been harassing groups whose descriptions included “tea party” and “patriot”. At the same time, the IRS is giving out preferential treatment to the liberal groups. Groups such as the Barack H. Obama Foundation were given tax exemptions by the IRS, a U.S. government that is responsible for tax collection and law enforcement. Many left-wing groups and religions are now under more scrutiny in the United States since Obama was elected. Obama has certainly not helped the whole situation, and is the reason that the IRS has so much power at the moment. They get to call the shots on who gets to control the results of the elections. All companies that want to be under 501(c)(4) had to apply first. The 501(c)(4) businesses have no limit on the influence that they can have on politics, or anything to do with politics, for that matter, as long as the political activities that are done are ones that are lawful, and promote opportunity for all.

As far as how out of control the IRS scandal has gotten, the scope is major, and reaches out on a clearly international scale. The United States government’s current reaction to the scandal is only making the whole situation even more blown out of proportion. Reporters have been named criminals simply for doing their job by the IRS in the United States because of the viewpoints that they took. The meaning of the acronym IRS is the Internal Revenue Service. The IRS is very good at hiding investigations of its’ practices to the general public, but hearing about the IRS scandal is not a new issue. However, the scandal is certainly one that needs to be discussed with all parties as a whole. The IRS scandal has never gotten as big and affected as many people as right now, and it seems like it will continue to affect everyone in some shape or form, whether or not anyone wants the issue to affect them.

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